Registration to the IAHS conference is compulsory to participate to a workshop but no additional fee will be required.

There are different ways to participate in the workshops, please read the descriptions carefully. Some workshops do not require pre-registration, others require sending an abstract or submitting a registration form. You do not need to use the (paid) abstract submission platform.

Download the Workshops program »
Download the IAHS Workshops program »
Title Agenda Programs and Registration links Contact
Open Science starring Hydrology Tuesday May 31 12h 13h30 salle Antigone 1 Corum. Registration on site, subject to availability.
How to write a proposal in Hydrology Wednesday June 1st 12h 13h30 salle Barthez Corum. Registration on site, subject to availability.
Promoting your research findings to the scientific community Thursday June 2 13h30 15h Registration on site, subject to availability.
Applications of satellite remote sensing in hydrological assessments Thursday June 2 10h30 12h Registration on site, subject to availability.
Artificial intelligence and Data Science for urban water networks Wednesday June 1st from 8h 30 to 12h 20 centre Rabelais, 27 bd Sarrail Montpellier Program
Rainfall-runoff modelling with the open-source airGR and airGRteaching R packages Workshop date: 28-29/05/2022
Hotel IBIS Polygone
When are hydrological data informative (or not)? Testing for information content in the face of sources of uncertainty Wednesday June 1st from 8h 30 to 15h 00 salle Sully 1 Corum Program